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Electricity Transmission

TPA’s unrivalled experience in providing access solutions to the Electricity Transmission Sector has helped us to seal ongoing contracts with the UK’s largest energy networks & contractors.

We have a real-world understanding of the specific issues faced by our clients in this sector, and tailor our Aluminium & Plastic Panel product solutions to meet the client’s bespoke project & site needs.With our eye firmly on safety at all times, we’re fully dedicated to meeting your budget and timescales with a focused yet flexible approach.

Our unique selection of portable roadway products enables us to cope with all site requirements, including ‘camber panels’ to assist with uneven and inclining land and ‘steerable’ panels to negotiate immovable objects such as trees and fence lines.
Our traditional panels are 3m wide, narrower than some of our competitors’, enabling us to access areas even through small gated entrances.