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Rail RRAP’s

All of TPA’s RRAP systems for hire are Network Rail Approved.

With a focus upon ease of use and rapid installation times, TPA’s broad range of RRV rail track access systems provide a superb all round solution to the on and off tracking of road rail vehicles.

TPA provides access to a broad range of Network Rail Approved RRAP systems to best suit its client’s individual site & project requirements.

  • UTAS Steel RRAP, 5m & 7m

  • UTAS Linkage (Connects 2x 5m UTAS together – 10m+ UTAS)

  • LW Foam RRAP

  • LW Foam Cross Track (Small Plant Cross Tracking System)


  • TAMS Track Access Matting System

  • Dig to Deck Track Access Ramp


UTAS – Universal Track Access System (5m & 7m)

The patented Universal Track Access System or UTAS was designed to enable rubber tyred & tracked road rail machines to get on and off track safely and provides the following benefits;

1. Avoid damage to equipment including the rail head

2. 50 tonne load bearing

3. Total rail head protection

4. Network Rail Approved – Certificate No. PA05/03902

The Process

This system has been designed to enable road rail vehicles and equipment to mount or cross the rail quickly and safely.

There is now no excuse for accidents caused by sliding off old wooden sleepers or for damaging the troughing.

LWF – Lightweight Foam Access Ramp System

The Benefits

The crossing or access point is made from two metre long foam sections, each of which weighs under 25kg so they can be easily hand-carried into position. Only simple site preperation is required and the system provides the following benefits;

1. Lightweight each section weighs under 25kg

2. Available in two metre kits

3. Approved for use up to 15 tons per axle

4. Network Rail Approval Number PA05/03446)

5. Simple site preparation

6. Easily transported to and from the access point

The Process

The lightweight foam system allows operators on site to construct a road rail access point (RRAP), simply and easily.

tapSTRAIL® – the versatile solution for temporary crossings & rail access.

The Benefits

The system provides the following benefits;

1. For use on Live Rail Lines – Fast, easy & reliable installation and removal

2. Easily adapted to fit different sleeper types with flat bottom rail

3. Network Rail Approval Number (PA05/00475)

4. London Underground Approval Number (2121)

5. Inner panels cut in to two halves to aid with manual installation / removal

6. Gap free design, anti vandal construction, secure lock tight tie rod system.

Mock-Up tapSTRAIL 4

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TAMS – Track Access Matting System

TAMS – the Network Rail Approved, Track Access Matting System, for on/off tracking of Rail Plant.

The Benefits
The system is quick and easy for a team to install by hand and comes in 4 simple interlocking parts. Only simple site preparation is required and the system not only allows plant a safe and swift passage but also protects the rail head from damage.

TPA’s Track Access Matting System provides the following benefits;

1. Install by hand.
2. Available in 4 & 6 metre kits.
3. Network Rail Approval Number PA05/05308.
4. Simple site preparation.
5. Easily transported to and from the access point.