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Plastic Pitch Cover

icon_75668 TPA Plastic Pitch Cover Range


TPA are proud to provide terraflor®, the latest system manufactured by turf specialists Terraplas plc. The culmination of 20 years research, the product has been designed to protect turf, and grassed areas making it an ideal application for marquee flooring, pedestrian walkway and pitch cover at stadiums when being used for non- sporting events.

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Designed To Be Centre Stage
• Translucent properties to aid nourishment of grass
• Over lapping design reduces liquid spillage
• Tested, proven slip resistant surface
• Rapid deployment- quick and easy to fit and lift

Total Turf Protection
• Fast recovery of grass when installed for up to 9 days
• Aeration holes allow light and air to penetrate to grass
• Grid under surface helps create moist atmosphere
• Button shaped feet aid ventilation

From Wembley to Weddings
• Tried and tested – over half a million m2 currently in use
• Trusted worldwide
• Proven to protect
• Multi-application use

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