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Pedestrian Walkways – Aluminium


icon_6630 Portable Walkways

TPA’s highly versatile aluminium roadway system ensures that a safe and effective temporary access can be engineered for your project even where site, ground and prevailing weather conditions are difficult.

TPA’s HD panel system caters for a wide variety of ground conditions and access needs. Manufactured to TPA’s unique specification, the design is suitable for a diverse weight range including highway approved and abnormal loads.

A highly experienced Project Coordinator or Engineer will conduct a thorough, no obligation site survey to determine the most suitable configuration of panels for your specific application and site conditions.

Aluminium Roadway Panel – All duties. (HD Panel)

TPA’s HD Aluminium roadway system is an extremely versatile solution to a wide range of temporary access and ground protection requirements. Suitable for use in applications ranging from pedestrian access through to abnormal load movements, the TPA HD Panel is ideally suited for use across a multitude of industry sectors.

 HDpanel2000 x 763

Steerable Panels

Where immovable obstacles or corners need to be negotiated, TPA’s ‘Steerable’ panels can be used to manoeuvre the roadway to the left or right by up to 30 degrees from a single section. These panels connect directly with the HD panel to enable the roadway to be negotiated neatly around obstacles such as buildings or trees.

steerable2000 x 763


Ramps can be fitted to the access and egress points of TPA aluminium roadways for applications where there are high levels of pedestrian traffic and or wheelchairs and prams.

ramp2000 x 763

Aluminium Walkway Systems

TPA's 2.45m x 3.0m HD panels can be laid as a pedestrian friendly walkway. The upper face is designed to provide a comfortable, anti-slip walking surface. Dome head connecting bolts can be used for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance which also minimises any potential trip hazard.