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Embankment Steps

The European Standard (EN 12811) Approved, temporary stairways / steps access solution for your Rail project.

TPA is firmly established in the rail sector as “the” principle provider of safe, effective, value for money temporary roadways, walkways, RRAP’s & access systems. TPA’s temporary, self-levelling, site stairway system provides a quick and safe method of access/egress ideal for negotiating slopes and embankments.

The specific function of the unit is to provide a controlled entry to the work place, at a fixed point, when conventional ladders are undesirable. They are available in 6 units ranging in vertical height from 0.5m to 3.8m. Sizes are referred to by the number of steps, or treads, in the unit and are available in multiples of threes (i.e. 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18 treads). Stairways in excess of 3.8m height (18 treads) can be bolted together.

The Benefits

• A double handrail on both sides which adjust automatically to the correct angle and height.
• A locking mechanism to ensure the stability of the Stairway and to keep it at the correct angle.
• Treads remain horizontal whatever the angle of installation.
• The bottom of the stringers are shaped to prevent slipping.
• Being over 750mm wide, the Stairway permits occasional passing.
• The stairway is manufactured in a steel section and has a galvanised finish.
• Can be folded flat for ease of transport.
• Has been designed and tested to meet the access performance requirements within the European Standard EN 12811 – Temporary Works Equipment – performance requirements and general design.