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Flood & Water Barrier

Hire – UK Nationwide.

The TPA Flood Barrier protects critical infrastructure, people and the environment.


TPA’s Flood Barrier can be installed in a very short time using only limited resources providing maximum efficiency in any deployment situation.
TPA’s Flood Barrier solution offers professional, flexible and cost – efficient, large – scale flood protection.

The Barrier can be deployed on all surfaces (such as but not limited to sand, grass, asphalt and concrete) and in almost any configuration (circles, 45 degree turns, 90 degree turns

The Barrier can be delivered in modules ranging from 50meters to 200meters and in four standard heights.tabela2-crop
Each section can be continuously extended by the interconnection of special junctions to create an almost infi nite length/ prolongation of the barrier to suit your installation and

This solution is made for high volume pumps and 1km of the flood barrier can be filled from just one access point.

Key Features:
• Easy and rapid deployment
• Multiple applications
• Fights water with water
• Takes up minimal storage
• Not for permanent installations
• Low environmental impact
• Modular system
• Robust and highly reliable materials
• Easy removal

The FloodTrail & FloodBox PRO “ready to Go” Solutions are complete and boxed / trailer based “ready to go” flood protection. These contained systems both contain the PRO barrier solution and all necessary equipment for deployment.

Terminals & Junction
The TPA Flood Barrier solution uses terminals and junctions made from
lightweight aluminum providing stability and facilitating easy prolongation
and “one-point” fi lling with high volume pumps.

The Barrier Tubes are made from high strength materials and composed to
create double layered fl exible and damage tolerant structure.
The double layer consists of a structural layer which is a special type of
woven Polypropylene that gives it a high tensile strength and a water
retention layer which is a high strength Polyethylene structure with high
puncture resistance.
This special woven structure also makes it resistant to tear propagation
meaning that should a tear or puncture happen this will not expand
hence resisting structural collapse of the barrier.

The solution also offers the option to connect a membrane for extra resistance.
Due to the innovative design even big damages to the tube structure will
not lead to collapse and instability of the barrier but will leave suffi cient
time to make adequate corrections.